Girl Talk in Mobile Text Messaging

Mobile text messaging has been the mode of communication of choice for various reasons. Besides the most common reason is that it is cheaper than making a call, there are words that have to be exchanged but does not really merit a call like “I am waiting in the mall”. There are insights to be shared but cannot be said aloud because others might hear like “Look at your left. The guy is cute”. There are also exchanges that are easier to say via a medium that allows you to think of an answer before responding and is poker face about your emotions like when you text “Ok. See you tomorrow”. Finally, it is the mode of communication that allows you proof that the exchange of words happened. This is important for all the sentimental people out there who value the “I love you and take care” texts. Basically, texting affords people to communicate with others but only up to a level content-wise that they are willing to convey. It is a tricky balancing act but girls manage. This art is commonly practiced by girls on their girlfriends and potential boyfriends.

There is texting of the most personal kind with your closest friends where you write it as you say it so the recipient can actually hear you in their head while they read your text. This type is marked with lots of acronyms and emoticons and smileys. With the enormous content that has to fit in one message, CamelTalk or texting without putting spaces in between words and omission of vowels are employed to squeeze in words. Because of texting, incessant girl talk is possible. Girlfriends may leave each others’ physical presence but still continue sharing stories. They may wait to see each other before unleashing the latest juicy news on their lives but would have to announce via SMS that “I have big news!!!”

When mobile text messaging a suitor, a little more discretion is used. There is a seemingly sweet, modest or demure statement followed by a smiling face to teach the guy to hope that he has a chance. If the guy has to be put down, albeit lightly, there would be an indifferent or neutral statement with no emoticon at all. Guys should get the clue that the girl is just being nice. A less subtle hint that the girl is not in to you would be letting your text linger for a while before replying to it.

Of course mobile text messaging has its drawbacks. Even with the onslaught of symbols and graphics and lingo to give emotion to a dialogue, it does not measure up to the overwhelming energy infused in girl talk and no matter how fast a person can text, it cannot keep up with the speed of girls’ lips. Therefore, for urgent and big deal news, there is always cellphone calls. If your phone can handle it, video call. Better still, if you can manage it, go have a girls day or night out.

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