Vodafone Broadband

Vodafone is the only operator of mobiles that provides the fastest broadband speeds up to 7.2 Mbps for its mobile broadband! Their coverage is excellent and reliable not only in the UK, but also abroad. This service is credited with reputed awards and recognitions such as Best Innovative Service at the Mobile News Awards in 2008. They were voted as Best Wireless ISP in the industry.
Vodafone’s high speed Mobile Broadband allows you to go online even when you are out or on the move or even if you go abroad. This network boasts of simple and clear pricing and is available in monthly packages. For instance, if you pay £15 a month, you can get 3GB Internet usage and for 5GB you will need to pay £25 per month. If you cross the pre-set limit in terms of downloading and browsing, you will have to pay £15 per GB for top up plans. With 3GB you can send 2000 emails, download 100 short video clips and 200 tunes, and browse the World Wide Web for 100 hours.
Vodafone mobile broadband is available in the form of a USB data stick or card that is wireless. You can easily connect this data stick or card with your personal desktop or laptop. You do not need any extra software for getting connected online through Vodafone mobile broadband. This network offers mainly two options in terms of their mobile broadband. These are the USB Modem Stick and the USB Modem Stick Pro. They offer membership contracts for one month, one year, 18 months, and two years.
This lightweight and compact device is compatible with Mac, Windows 2000, Vista OS, and Windows XP operating systems. Its compact size and light weight makes it portable enough to be carried anywhere you go. It also provides the maximum uploading and downloading speeds. Some special features include netbooks, data calculator, worldwide coverage, easy-to-use USB modems, and therefore it is suitability for business activity as well.

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