High Tech Emotional Mirror Concept

Have you ever noticed that when you smile, others smile too? That when people smile at you, that you almost cannot help smiling back at them? This is all perfect normal, we are conditioned for these mirroring techniques from the time we are babies, and not just us, but all the other primates on the planet too. Well, why not take this reality and use a little high tech to improve the overall emotions of ourselves and our fellow man. Why not develop personal tech tools to help us pay it forward with a smile? Let’s talk, I have a new invention concept I’d like to just kind of throw out there to the world, maybe you might invent this?

First, let me explain how I came up with this concept. You see, there was an interesting article titled; “Emotion detectors could make driving safer,” published on March 14, 2014 in e! Science News online, which stated;

“Technology now allows us to read facial expressions and identify which of the seven universal emotions a person is feeling: fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise, or suspicion. This is very useful in video game development, medicine, marketing, and, perhaps less obviously, in driver safety. We know that in addition to fatigue, the emotional state of the driver is a risk factor. Irritation, in particular, can make drivers more aggressive and less attentive. Tests carried out using a prototype indicate that the idea could have promising applications.”

The system uses facial recognition technology to judge the driver’s emotions. That’s nice isn’t it, and it could work, especially with those who have trouble containing their emotions, I am thinking teenagers here. Still, what if rather than adapting to the negative emotions of the driver or individual operating the vehicle, what if we pre-improved their emotions prior to getting behind the wheel, what if we made them (you, I, hell everyone) happy from the get-go, from the time they got up in the morning for instance?

Why not have your mirror at home look at your emotional well-being and determine if you are as happy as you ought to be to go out into the world, then if not, have it project an image of you smiling rather than your actual reflection? No, this isn’t deceptive because as soon as you see that smiling face of yours or projected image, you will not be able to help yourself, you will smile back, it’s kind of like a two-way mirror when it comes to human emotions.

Now then, if your mirror finds you happier than the happiest picture it has on file, it takes a new picture and uses that from now on! You like this idea, then create it and make lots of money, and sell millions of units world-wide, take your company public and live well and be happy! Think on this.

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