Wireless Cameras Guru: IP, GSM and 3G to Be the Future of Wireless Security

There are much technological advancements today but none has made as much impact to how society communicates as the development of mobile communications. Beginning with two-way radios, mobile communications developed into the 1st generation ( 1G ) analogue cell telephones and later to the second generation ( 2G ) mobile technology that runs on digital networks.

2G mobile technology heralded the appearance of GSM or world System for Mobile Communications which featured several advantages made possible through digital systems. This includes a few benefits you are enjoying today like text messaging and net connectivity. 2G further developed into 3G or the third generation of mobile technologies and standards that are faster and have more bandwidth than 2G technologies which may at last set the pace for the future of wireless security.

Mobile Technologies and Wireless Security Camera Systems

3G has made it easier for multi-media information to be dispatched through mobile and Internet networks, allowing folks to share more and better quality images, video and other information from any location across the globe even if folk are on the go. This capacity sets 3G telephones apart from other telephone technologies that existed over time.

3G, IP and GSM technologies have also revolutionized the way wireless protection systems are built at this time. You can now have wireless cameras that will make use of broadband capabilities in these networks to send better quality photographs and video footage from remote locations. Wireless cameras can now be utilised for most urban video security and surveillance applications in public areas, commercial conglomerates and commercial locations. These systems can be deployed much more easier, less time and less set-up and operational costs.

Here are some of the newest wireless security camera system configurations that make use of the newest in mobile communication technologies available.

* IP Security Cameras

IP or Internet protocol cameras use digital camera systems to broadcast information and other information to any PC in the safety network through the web. IP cameras can have a network video recorder ( NVR ) built in which can process and record photographs and video footages directly into any digital storage media drive built into the system. The NVR may also be centralized with all wireless cameras, each having its own IP address, remotely connected and sending all feeds for centralized recording and security management.

IP security cameras remain very popular among those requiring CCTV monitoring and wireless camera systems. Prices have gone down quite considerably to terribly reasonable levels, making it quite easier for you to get such systems or take part in a web business reselling such units.

* GSM CCTV cameras

Wireless security camera systems that are placed in locations with some or no net connectivity can employ GSM connectivity instead. These GSM CCTV cameras are at once hooked up to your mobile phone via the GSM network, sending you warnings like SMS, MMS, or e-mail complete with videos and images should there be any intrusion into your properties under surveillance.

The marketplace for GSM-capable wireless security camera systems is expected to extend over the following periods as more and more folk continuity to take advantage of mobile GSM connectivity for the majority of their personal and business programs.

* 3G video cameras

GSM-capable wireless security cameras are even made better with the rise of 3G connectivity. These cameras require no net connection to send photographs and video footages as they can use the 3G network to send this info right to your mobile telephones and other handheld gadgets. More and more mobile users make use of 3G networks with the rise of smart telephones and similar devices. It might just be logical for wireless camera networks to also employ these popular 3G networks to send images and video information.

Discover more about these new sorts of video security cameras today and see how it’s possible for you to get ahead of the market by listing them on your site.

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