The Bloodless Battle – Samsung F480 Tocco Gold Vs LG KC910

Samsung and LG are famous for their charismatic inventions, which create ripples in the market with awesome features and world class functionality.

Mobile Phones have given a U-turn to our lives and have completely changed our thinking and lifestyle. It is because of these highly advanced and great communication technologies enriched devices, that we are all the time close to our loved ones and can ask them about their well-being. Not only an effective communication but these highly amazing creations let the users to enjoy life to its fullest and provide them various enjoyment facilities such as excellent quality cameras, latest music players, exciting games and many other fantastic things.

Two of the most trusted names in the world of mobile phones are Samsung and LG, which have caused stirs in the whole mobile market. These two brands have given birth to lots of mesmerising handsets, which are full fledged with latest mobile features. One of the most unique inventions of the Samsung is the samsung f480 tocco gold, which is highly amazing and delivers first class communication solutions with its excellent features. It will be a great battle, however without any one winner, if we do comparison of Samsung F480 Tocco Gold & lg kc910. These wonderful handsets of Samsung and LG are perfectly designed with highly demanding and latest features and offers an extremely pleasing working experience to the users.

If we compare the design of F480 Tocco with the LG KC910, then we will surely get confused as both these beauteous mobile devices are enriched with extremely alluring design and appear quite ravishing with their pleasant shape and size. The 100.6 grams weight of Samsung Tocco is furnished with an attractive TFT screen of 2.8 inches, which gives a royal look to this captivating gadget. While the LG KC910 ias gifted with a highly enchanting TFT touch screen of 3 inches, which adds more charm to the everlasting beauty of this handset.

These both mobile devices are lavished with superb quality camera, which offers extremely brilliant quality images and lets the users to capture beautiful moments of life with their loved ones. The 5 mega pixels camera of Samsung Tocco is a delight for the photography lovers, who can capture amazing collection of beautiful images and can save them in their personal computer for life long. The LG KC910 will also not disappoint you as it comes with an extremely terrific 8 mega pixels camera, which is more than enough to capture print quality still images and gives an extremely delighting photography experience to the users.

The comparison of the Samsung F480 Tocco Gold & LG KC910 is too difficult and one of the reasons behind it is that both these devices are embedded with highly modern and latest connectivity options, which allow the users to share and transfer different important things like songs, images, ringtones, wallpapers etc. with each other. The class 12 GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB, endowed in the Samsung Tocco make the connectivity among users more effective and let them to be in touch with whole globe. The LG KC910 has Wi-Fi connectivity, apart from class 10 GPRS and Bluetooth and lets the users to transfer data and documents with their friends.

What makes the Samsung Tocco more appealing is its extremely high internal memory of 232 MB, which makes it possible for the users to store their favourite things in the handset such as songs, images, videos, wallpapers etc. The users of LG KC910 will never feel down as this fabulous handset is also gifted with high internal memory, which can be expanded up to 8 GB by using a microSD transflash.

Both these stunning mobile gadgets are store house of fun and great entertainment. You can any time listen to your favourite songs in the best quality music players and can brush up yourself with an extremely thrilling and sensational musical environment.

All majestic features make both these gadgets highly useful and demanding among the users. It will not be an amazing thing to mention that this battle between the Samsung F480 Tocco Gold & LG KC910 is endless.

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