March 23, 2023


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Is Modern Medicine The Only Positive Cure?

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Modern medicine over the last decade has become a highly advanced technology. Doctors are able to treat diseases with the most modern equipment and technology. They seem so complex that many of us can’t even begin to understand.

What is remarkable with all this high technology and most advanced equipment in most cases it only treats the symptom and not the root of many today’s most severe health problems with the only result of a band-aid solution. The question remains: Would there be a better and more positive result if combined with natural solutions to improve many health conditions and boost overall health? Because despite the medical advances the incidences of cancers and diseases are still rising.

What holds the future?

Do we blame the genes, environmental factors, lifestyle or diet? Which one do you think is the culprit? The answer to this question is more than one, or all of them. Ongoing major research around the world for decades at a cost of billions of dollars with little to show except the destructive traditional forms of chemotherapy and radiation. Inheritance of genes can play some role but it is often used as an excuse, and an easy way out in blaming the genes. Not unlike when the doctors ask the question: Do you smoke? If the answer is yes, at this moment the doctor’s decision been made. Whatever illness you may have comes from smoking. Lung cancer has for many years been linked to smoking and yet, there are more people diagnosed with lung cancer who never smoked in their live.

Despite of all medical advances the incidents of breast cancer in women are raising dramatically. Most cancers develop in middle age or later in life; the main reason for this points to environmental factors and lifestyle that cause diseases.

The effectiveness of treating cancer by modern advanced medicine is far from being considered as great or successful. However, there is lots of evidence of alternative natural solutions that people have used to improve overall health and cured serious illness.

Nature versus modern medicine!

If modern medicine would have all the answers there would be no need for more hospitals and no endless waiting cues to get in. We also know prevention is better, less harmful and cheaper than curing the illness. Our modern lifestyle has become our illness, the easy way of pre-made meals – take away, processed food, preservatives, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners; nothing natural any more of what we eat. Having a little pain of some sort where one or two glasses of water or other natural remedies could solve it, the easy and lazy way is to get over the counter pain killers or prescription drugs which will temporarily relive the pain, but at what cost?

Women been advised to have regular breast screen tests. This is often far from being faultless. At many occasions it has been wrongly diagnosed as positive, which causes severe stress and anxiety, this also could be a trigger point for cancer. Every screen test creates about 2 percent of radiation; ten screen tests make this 20 percent of radiation into your body. Could this be another risk of getting cancer?

What is important is to put the work in learning and gaining knowledge about the benefits of nutrition, how our body works and what it needs. This can prevent yourself from having to use modern medicine, or only as your last option.

Use more of the natural ingredients!

Vitamin D is one of the most important natural ways to minimise cancer risk. The biggest percentage of vitamin D is made by the skin in respect to sunlight. This vitamin D is known for prevention of many illnesses; with improved diet and some lifestyle changes this can cut the risk of breast cancer by almost half.

There are countless of foods and supplements that can benefit in many ways.

To call them super foods is not an overstatement: They are the earth’s natural remedies to keep our body healthy.

To balance your hormones with natural food, some vegetables contain natural substances that can remarkably boost your immune system and protect you from disease. Research from these foods shows, that they can lower the risk of illness and balance your body’s hormones.

Learn how to take advantage of natural foods and supplements that have the power to improve your health. All you have to do is eat them.

The most important step to a healthier life is the change to a healthy diet. Get more information from the FREE copy of my e-book report. The power of knowledge will give you the health you deserve!

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