Entertain the World With LG Mobile Phones

LG mobile phones entered the electronics market around 50 years ago in 1958. Do you know the full form of LG? If you do not know, then do not lose your heart as it is “lucky gold star”. LG being one of the giant in the industry of mobile phones entered in GSM market in 2003 in UK and in 2005, 3G UMTS DMB handset were launched by the firm. Till 2007, the entity sold 7.5 million of premium handsets units, worldwide.

The firm tried to dominate the market and to some extent it even got the success. It’s the brand name of the firm that sells the products of the entity. Moreover the goodwill built over the years plays significant role in revenue generation. Due to this fact, the organization tried to find the ways by which the entity can sell its products. They had come to know, it is only the service provided to clients that matters most. The another aspects of service are good and prompt service and gradually it is implemented and it did wonders for the firm. It has a staggering effect on the revenue of the organization. After successful implementation of the above strategy, the corporation established itself in a big way in front of users. Due to this, confidence level of the clients increased in buying the products of LG. Since this is practiced across all the segments of the corporation, LG mobile phones made itself a strong competitor of other leading brands of the industry.

The brand announced several handsets which got huge appreciation from the users. Some of the most popular devices are KM900 Arena, KP501 Cookie and GT365 Neon that are either launched in the market and are making buzz already or are likely to be announced. When it comes to KM900 Arena, it offers 5 MP cameras. The stunning features of Schneider-Kreuznach optics, LED flash etc makes it a perfect device. The feature of Geo tagging is also able to find its place in the gadget. The speakers provided in the gadget are loud. The three hour fifty minutes talk time is what you can easily expect from such a device. The variants in which this gadget is available are silver, titan black, dusty pink.

In contrast to this, KP501 Cookie is a light weight device weighing only 89 grams. It offers TFT screen which is coupled with 256 K colours. It comes with built in four games and more games can be downloaded. It is available in attractive and eye catchy colours- anodizing silver, Capri green, pink, black. In terms of talk time, it scores little less than the previous model as it offers 3 h 30 minutes talk time. 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm are the dimensions of the gizmo that make it eye catcher.

Whereas GT365 Neon is slightly different from the other two handsets mentioned above as it offers the talk time of four hours at a stretch and 250 hours standby time. Due to the feature of Java imbibed in the device, it contains MIDP 2.0. The FM radio provided in the device is there to keep your mood calm. It is a slider phone that comes with QWERTY keyboard format.

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