The Possible New Realities of 2012 Mobile Phones

The year 2012 will see unprecedented new advances in mobile technology, from newer, faster and better smartphones to advances in touch screens, digital memory, and portable cameras. There is some debate within the electronics community as to whether the mobile devices of 2012 will come equipped with built-in 3D cameras. This is an exciting possibility with far-reaching implications, and the amount of speculation that has thus far been produced in the mobile technology community makes it even more plausible that this will soon become a reality.

This could mean that amateur filmmakers will have access to mobile camera devices that used to cost thousands of dollars to rent or purchase. It could mean that home movies and YouTube film clips will become predominantly 3D in the future. This is not at all far-fetched, as high definition film has already made large inroads in the YouTube film community. Putting this kind of technology within the affordable reach of millions of consumers will certainly make piracy and the bootlegging or concerts and sporting events easier and more popular, but on the upside, legitimate films of the same variety will become less expensive to make. Having 3d camera technology available on cell phones will inevitably put pressure on the makers of traditional 3D devices to lower prices and production costs in order to keep up with the competition.

Along with these predicted innovations which have already begun to take place in some markets, waterproofing, full 3D gaming and other innovations are expected to take place, making the competition for a place in the cell phone and mobile device market more intense than ever before. Certain companies are already tinkering with prototypes for these new kinds of phones, and it will certainly make for an interesting year for mobile devices and technology in general. People are also pushing for better and faster Internet connectivity with new features, new ways to browse, and more online gaming options. Companies are working overtime to get ahead of the game with these new features, finding ways to implement them and come full circle with the best of traditional features that people want, coupled with these new applications, hardware, and features.

The most talked about upgrade in hardware circles, however, is the new 3D cameras expected to be on the new phones. With on-board editing software and the ability to zoom in and out, this should be a great way to capture life as it happens while still maintaining the lightweight body and slim design that cell phones have become known for. Seeing your videos come to life on the pocket screen before you in 3D will spark your imagination and allow for even greater creativity, whether you are a filmmaker or an amateur photographer. It’s fantastic to see that cell phone companies are paying attention to user demands and are making strides in keeping the attention of the paying public. This will ensure that we continue to see new technology develop in a way that makes these phones more user friendly, more versatile, and will enable us to get more done than ever before.

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