Can AI Machines Advance Ethics Online – What If They Did it in Real Time?

We can all agree that there is an awful lot of nonsense online, and not just on blogs, but also in online media, alternative news sources, and social networks, etc. Surely, we can prevent some of this and keep the Internet more trustworthy. Can we use artificial intelligent computers to do fact checks on the information posted?

It appears we could, but how would that work you ask? Well, let me explain a concept here and you decide if you think this is viable or not, and realize that this thought is only in the preliminary stages, as in “I just thought of it 5-minutes ago, and thought I might write it down.”

There would be a software company, perhaps two, maybe several competing with each other (thus constantly improving the software’s viability). A writer, blogger, or poster of information would subscribe to the service, and it would display their trusted logo that the material presented has been sent through their AI fact-checker software, which verifies its truthfulness, originality, and authenticates the author, writer, and/or blogger.

Before the work is completed the writer would submit it, and if anything was not truthful, it would make a statement explaining why, and the author could cross-reference the facts of it. The software would be politically neutral, and if there were conflicting “truths” it would say so, allowing the blogger or writer to make note of undetermined or concluded debates on the topic.

This tool would improve the ethics online and do it in real-time. I have in mind, (yes, since I have been typing this article, how it would work, and have a schematic I envision), and can see this tool as relevant to the future of the internet, for governments, politicians, businesses, and even intelligence agencies. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my original thought for the today, and this future concept.

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