BBC News Mobile Launched For The Nokia Lumia 800

One of the advantages of modern smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 800 is the excellent connectivity options that they offer. These help the phone to perform a variety of tasks from browsing the internet to updating social networking statuses. The excellent connectivity on the Lumia 800 is perfect for the new BBC News Mobile application which helps to keep consumer up to date with the latest news wherever they are. We take a look at this excellent new piece of software.

The official BBC News application has been available on the iOS and Android platforms for many months now but the software has not been supported by the Windows platform that is used by phones like the Nokia Lumia 800. A developer has noticed this gap in the market and released BBC News Mobile. This application is not the official BBC version but the developers have done a great job of making the software closely resemble the official application that is available on alternative operating systems. The same red and white colour scheme is used and interface is very easy to use. News stories are easy to read thanks to the simple black text on a white background and the Lumia 800 display does a great job in making this data look almost like it is on a printed page. Fonts look very clear and even when you zoom in the text maintains great quality.

The BBC News Mobile application for the Nokia Lumia 800 consists of a series of main screens which can be chosen by the user swiping their finger across the display. The main home screen of the software presents users with a list of all of the latest news stories. Simply clicking on one of these opens the story and from there the user can swipe to read the next article. Once a story has been opened the application acts as an RSS reader which delivers the article directly from the BBC news website. From the main home screen you can also scroll to access the next page which presents you with your most read stories and another swipe takes you to a section which lists your favourite news categories. If you want these categories can also be pinned to the home screen which makes them easier to find the next time you use the software.

The BBC New Mobile application for the Nokia Lumia 800 is an impressive piece of software that delivers a comprehensive selection of the latest news stories from around the world. Text is easy to read and the interface used by the application is very easy to navigate.

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