Surfing the Smartphone Wave

For the past couple of years, and even more specifically since the release of Apple’s first iPhone, there has been a sweeping craze for smartphones. All major cell phone carriers have since released a smartphone to compete and keep up with Apple’s trendy phone. The holidays are one of the most popular times to give smartphones as gifts, which is why there is a consistently strong marketing blitz in the fall months for these types of products. This was especially the case for the 2010 holiday season. Not only are these glitzy items good-looking, but they are also extremely useful and help people stay organized.

Giving the gift of a smartphone

The 2010 holiday season’s top three smartphones are also the most popular gifts of the year. Because of their flashy style and convenient applications, smartphones can be the perfect gift for any busy person. For example, Sprint’s HTG Evo 4G was the third most popular smartphone because of its stylish and thin design, along with the compatibility with many social networking apps. Verizon’s Droid X by Motorola shoots pictures in 720p HD resolution, which makes it one of the most unique phones on the market today. This phone also is compatible with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. This product also boasts a GPS navigation system and many games. Overall, the number one smartphone of the 2010 holiday season was the 4G iPhone by Apple. The rumors circulating about the possible release of Verizon’s iPhone by Apple are also getting people excited about having a carrier choice with the iPhone.

The smartphone expansion

Verizon quickly put in a bid to carry Apple’s iPhone. Apple and Verizon have reached an agreement that gives Verizon the rights to start selling their version of iPhones and iPads. The iPhone, which is the elite smartphone today… This could easily cause many people to drop their current carriers in order to switch to Verizon, who has been ranked number one in customer satisfaction. As The Wall Street Journal reported, “Verizon plunked down its biggest bet in years by launching an expensive new fourth-generation wireless broadband network. It promises super-fast web surfing that will make it easier, for example, to watch video on smartphones and tablets.” The hardest part for Daniel Mead, CEO of Verizon Wireless, will be persuading AT&T and other competitor’s customers that Verizon is the better carrier.

Smartphones on the front lines

Smartphones can have a use in every person’s life. Even the US Army is talking about handing out these devices to soldiers. As The Wall Street Journal reported, they will be able to “access real-time intelligence and track fellow soldiers, or even enemies, during a war, according to Army Times. Army officials said that smartphones could be widely deployed to war zones as early as next year.” The army wants to make sure that each soldier has the applications that suit them best, which will help with their specific line of work. The only issue surrounding this idea is the fact that it is extremely expensive to significantly change the devices to fit their needs. As The Wall Street Journal stated, “The army will likely have to make the phones more rugged to survive in war zones.”

Overall, smartphones, which were one of the hottest holiday gifts this season, help many people in all different industries. They make for a more efficient and convenient lifestyle, while also serving important purposes outside of the business realm. With the acceleration of the technology market, competition is heating up. Smartphones are improving every day and are more than likely here to stay.

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