How to Write Your Novel on Your Smartphone

Finding the time to write a novel can be hard, and having the actual drive to sit down at your computer can be a challenge in itself. Life’s little tasks can easily get in the way, and before you know it, the day has come and gone without a word being written. Whilst you may be busy dreaming up scenes and plotlines in your head, sometimes you just don’t want to sit down at your computer. And, it is here, that using your smartphone can offer real benefits.

One thing that can really help you write more is by using your phone. Most smartphones have a notepad application of some sort; an easy to use digital jotting pad that you can write shopping lists and reminders upon. However, you can put this app to far greater use than listing your daily essentials, and it can be a quick and easy tool to get words down with minimal effort.

You may think that using your smartphone to write a novel isn’t the smartest way to go about completing your latest book, but if it facilitates your writing, then any extra word count is a bonus. Just think how fast that you’re able to type out instant messages, texts and emails upon your phone. If you can put that to good use and transfer this speed to your notepad application, then that’s a lot of words you’ll be able to write in spare minutes of your day. Of course, you’ll still need your PC or Mac for final formatting, but this is a relatively easy process. Most smartphones have an email option integrated into their notepad app, allowing you to instantly send yourself mail. Alternatively, you can just cut and paste this into an email to yourself. Once at home, all it takes is a few mere seconds to cut and paste the script, change a few formatting options and, hey presto, you’ve written new words with minimal effort.

The huge benefit of using your smartphone to help write your novel is that you’ll probably have your phone with you at all times. There’s no need to carry around a tablet, netbook or pad of paper with you as you can simply slip your smartphone into your pocket, and away you go. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, commuting, even commercials in your favourite television program all become opportunities to scribble down some quick words. And, though you’re unlikely to write the entire novel on your phone, you’ll certainly be able to maximise every free moment in your busy life to further that novel progression.

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