Nokia N80 & Nokia N82 – Sophistication With Simplicity

Nokia has established itself as the global mobile leader, which have come up with a huge hurricane of attractive mobile gadgets, to fascinate customers worldwide. The company has always offered its users with the world class mobile, which are awesome in quality and performance. Now it is coming with some additional interesting features to offer great services to its customers. Nokia phones are not only endowed with latest technology but also come in amazing designs, to let users to have pleasure of the things, style plus excellent performance.

The latest admirable launch in Nokia is Nokia N80, which is one of the most innovative approaches of Nokia in mobile manufacturing field. It somewhat resembles with Nokia 7650, which is a smart handset. This new Nokia phone is 134 grams in weight and consists of eye catching features. It comes in a chrome and metal finishing in order looking more demanding. This beautifully crafted gadget has bright screen, which is quite impressive and is 352×416 pixels in 262 or144 colours. It comes with S60 web browser, which is extremely fast and is in competition with Opera and Net front browsers. This browser is completely a new concept included in this handset, which ensures users to share data, photos, videos and music files more effectively. The WiFi technology enables users to share documents easily and stressfully.

Nokia N80 consists of an amazing audio player in MP3, AAC, and WMA formats along with a FM radio to ensure full entertainment. The machine also comes with an upgraded A2DP Bluetooth, to let users to experience a high connectivity facility. The flashlight technology in this mobile device is very popular and allows many micro applications, to display small games, watch news, access to traffic and weather information and many more.

This exciting nokia n series handset has an advanced 3 mega pixel camera with modes like normal and landscape, which offers customers a brilliant imaging facility with colour tones adjustments, image quality settings and video stabilisation. Print out of pictures can also be taken out via the Bluetooth.

Nokia N82 is an upgraded version of Nokia N81 has some similarities with Nokia N81. This is a more sophisticated handset with extra advance features. It is so simple yet enriched with latest technologies to best suit in the new generation. The simple attitude of this innovative mobile machine is quite exciting and compels users to buy it. Besides many designer phones available in market like Samsung, Motorola etc, people still go for this alluring machine, just because it is simple and easier to operate.

This gizmo of Nokia is endowed with tools which let users to discovering fun elements and capturing and sharing various things with other people. Nokia N82 is a phone famous for music lovers, excellent services, net surfers and gaming flings. It is a smart 3G phone, weighing 114 grams with dimensions 112 x 50.2 x 17.3 mm. Users love to carry this awesome mobile machine to add value to their personality. One of the best characteristic of this wonderful and simple phone is its 5 mega pixel camera along with Carl Zeiss lens. Several other features like 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, video (VGA 30fps), xenon flash and advance secondary CIF video call camera are also included in this majestic mobile machine. Moreover, it is affordable and suits the budget of every common man to let them feel the magic with simplicity. Users must go for it if they are willing of capturing quality photographs and want to experience the charm of technology with easiness.

Overall, these two innovative and beautiful creations of Nokia consist of highly charismatic features, which strongly compel users to switch towards high technology with latest functions without any extra effort.

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