Mobile Phone or Cellular Phone?

What is a cellular phone? Yes you all know, but let’s define it distinctively. The definition of a cellular phone is a mobile telephone system using low-powered radio signal transmitters, with each individual transmitter covering a specific geographical area (cell), and using computer equipment to switch calls from one area to another divergent area; therefore enabling large-scale car and or portable phone service to be possible. It’s also called a cell phone for a shortened version. Whatever the definition, this wireless, cellular technology is growing and evolving like never before, and now has an extremely large bandwidth covering small and large regions. This now super technology sends and receives phone signals through the air and much more.

Some of us have moved beyond using the term cellular phone and prefer using mobile phone. The history of mobile phone technology begins with the early efforts to develop the conceptual techniques via two-way radios and even walkie-talkies. These radios were man-kind’s first baby-steps to the evolution of mobile technology. I recall playing with walkie-talkies with my friends as a small boy and remember the thrill of using this method of communication. Communication technology constantly changes and will continue to evolve for the human brain was obviously the world’s first super-computer. We’ve utilized its creativity, resourcefulness, and capacity for witty invention since the stone ages. If you can imagine it and devise a specific methodology for a plan of execution, you can build it. It almost reminds me of the old movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. The voice said, “If you build it, they will come.”

Cellular/mobile phones are now used to handle the most concise and complex tasks on and off line with advanced applications. The race is on with Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They’re playing the game, who can build the best app. Know your options! Get free access to this information by going to the link below!

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