Avail Your Free Sony PS3 With a Mobile Phone

The combination of entertainment and technology is moving ahead in leaps and jumps. The mobile phone manufacturing industry faces stiff competition with each one vying for greater clientele. In recent times, mobile phone dealers have been offering a plethora of tempting free technology gifts such as Sony PS3, Xbox 360, the iPod and many other such gizmos.

Free Offers!

Customers in the UK and some other countries are fortunate to be at the receiving end of some amazing gifts given free if they invest in a mobile phone deal. The mobile phones in the offing are high-end ones from reputed and branded manufacturers that are now available in website portals. The phones are latest models integrated with high-end technology. Some of the features incorporated in such phones include World Wide Web browsing, imaging, messaging via multimedia, camera, graphics and the list just goes on. These mobile phones provide entertainment and direct connectivity 24 x 7.

What you Get from a Sony PS3?

A free offer along with the purchase of cell phones that has become a rage in the UK is the Sony PS3 gaming console. This latest offer from the house of Sony is a follow-up to the previous models of Play Stations. The gadget is well equipped with a highly powered cell processor enabling its movie player and video game graphics to be of high quality. Being compatible to different types of CD and DVD versions in addition to the Ethernet makes it apt for any download of games or movies from the Internet. The size of hard drive ranges from 60 GB up to 250 GB so recording of any programs from television is a cakewalk. Apart from the Sony PS3, another great offer given free by cell phone vendors is the iPod. Music lovers are going to love this, as you can actually store 7500 songs in this small gadget if the gigabyte is 30 and that too with superior quality sound.

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