Advances in Compact Digital Cameras – 2011 New Models

One of the burning questions about investing in some new gadget or the latest model of say a compact digital camera has to be how to justify it. That means how do you justify the upgrade from the last camera you bought to a newly launched model? It is by spending time researching that will answer these questions, so taking the example of 2011 compact digital cameras there seems to be some concrete improvements that will induce you to buy a new one.

Camera manufacturers have raised their game in responding to the ever changing needs of the market. The average camera buyer now wants a camera that can be carried easily in a case or pocket, can shoot in all conditions (so needs flash), can zoom in on distant events and can easily connect to other devices whether they are TVs or internet to share photos and video clips with friends and family.

One example of a 2011 digital compact camera is the Fujifilm FinePix Z90 which is brimming with features and new technology to facilitate even the most amateur of photographer. Technically the Z90 measures 2 x 9.5 x 5.7 cm and weighs just 132g, it has a large 3 inch LCD screen to easily frame the subject, play back and edit photos through the menu bar. The 14.2 megapixel sensor coupled with a greater ISO range and advanced software enables the camera to be more stable in low light conditions reducing the camera shake element making photos and video sharper. And, there is always a built-in flash backup. The 5 X Fujinon Lens equivalent to a 28 – 140mm conventional lens gets up close to the subject with image stabilization keeping the pictures sharp even at the zooms limit.

The new trend in the 2011 cameras has been more sensitive CCD sensors, better portability, easier editing software and user interface to manipulate the images and clips, and simple upload to the Facebook or Twitter accounts and the interconnectivity to other devices. The Z90 has built on the success of the Z70 with improvements as mentioned above and the touch screen controls to execute.

With all the new camera models upping the game, choosing which camera has become so much more difficult. Luckily the net is playing a greater role in our decisions with camera specifications, reviews and price comparisons readily available online. As easy as it is to pop into the high street for some retail therapy, to get advice, to touch what you want to buy, the ability to buy online at great prices saving sometimes hundreds of pounds is luring many into the e-commerce world, a fact not lost on retailers. It is common now to log on and compare prices, choose and buy online and the U.K. is leading the way.

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