What to Do When Your Child Spends Too Much Time in Front of a Screen

Ensuing to the rapid technological advancement, children spend most of their time on gadgets and other technological inventions. Instead of playing games involving physical activities, they usually stay at the corner and take pleasure with their latest gaming consoles. For this, they are depriving themselves with the ability to associate with other people.

More often than not, parents are unaware of the detrimental effects these gadgets can do to their growing children. Thus, as early as 2 years old, parents are already exposing their kids to computers, television sets and other highly technological gadgets. Because most parents consider these gadgets to be informative and educational, they never impose any restrictions to their toddlers. Reason enough to make this sedentary form of recreation become a habit.

Since too much screen exposure is hazardous to children’s health, parents must set limitations to their kids’ viewing schedule. It is necessary for parents to gain control over their kids’ activity especially it involves technology. The best way for parents to divert their kids’ attention from computers, television sets and other gaming consoles, is to engage an outdoor activity.

For busy parents, indulging themselves in outdoor activity with their children is quite impossible. However, it is necessary for them to spare a little of their time for their kids. Quality time is essential for parents to bestow proper guidance, and spare them from the hazards of this advanced technology.

Quality time means, sparing some time with the kids just to have a loving conversation and play with them. It does not necessarily mean spending too much of your time for outdoor activity. Just helping them with their lessons and assignments in school will already suffice. Another way to divert their attention is to guide and support them with their hobby. Only bored kids often indulge themselves in computers and television sets.

If parents know how to keep their kids busy, then viewing period or playing with their gaming consoles and computers will decrease. Instead of using these computers to let children learn; parents must inculcate in their children’s mind the importance of books. Although computers are more convenient to use than books, it is still necessary for parents to let their kids value the habit of reading.

While computer and television have a lot of benefits, reading and arts will also enhance children’s learning as well as creativity. For this, they will no longer spend longer hours in front of the screen.

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