The Apple iPhone 4G – Looking at a Future Technology

The Apple iPhone 4G might just be the smartphone of the century if the recent trend of reports and rumors are anything to go by. The Apple iPhone 4G has some features that nobody would have imagined it to have. Some interesting add-ons, some special features and some really simple developments dot this Apple product.

One of the first Apple iPhone 4G review reported that the new iPhone would have a special iChat feature. This was supported by the front-facing camera. This is new addition unavailable on the iPhone 3GS. Some reports have suggested that this smartphone would have an enhanced 5 megapixel camera with an external flash for higher quality and definition in captures. This camera would be more powerful than the 3 MP found in iPhone 3GS.

A noteworthy feature as suggested by some sites seems to be the lack of traditional Apple design elements of curved design. The iPhone 4G might boast a very professional, minimal and simple look lacking the curves and the smooth edges of the iPhone 3GS. The base of this gadget seems to be entirely flat instead of the curves of the iPhone 3GS.

One of the clearest indicators of next-gen technology seems to be the usage of micro-SIM instead of the regular SIM. Though there isn’t any confirmation from Apple yet, the device might just support micro-SIM. The Apple iPhone 4G features are definitely different from all other phones, including its predecessor. The phone is purported to weigh around 140 g, quite close to what the iPhone 3GS weighs. The old buttons for volume, phone lock etc. have been remodeled and made metallic. This gives a better, classic and richer feel.

The Apple iPhone 4G release is completely unknown. In fact, its very existence remains mysterious. But certain reports and rumors have surfaced which seem to be quite true. The Apple iPhone 4G price tag is also unknown, but market reports suggest they would hover around the same value as that of the iPhone 3GS. Given all the development and advancement on the iPhone 4G, this analysis sure sounds interesting, but only time will tell.

The smartphone’s operating system would be based on the iPhone OS 4.0 and would support 4G, the highest and most advanced network technology ever known to us. With greatest speeds and virtually total connectivity no matter where we are, the product definitely would become the most advanced gadget.

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