Science Grants

Given the immense range of topics, science and scientific research touches the lives of all people. Everything from new methods of cancer screening to advances in computer technology stems from scientific research, and impacts our daily lives. Scientific research takes vast amounts of time and money, and fortunately there are many grants in place to fund the research so vital to the world community.

Science grants fall into a wide variety of applications such as fellowships or funding to a team of specialists with a specific research topic. Due to the nature of the field, grants can be found at the Federal government website,, which has a comprehensive listing of all the science, technology, research, and development grants available through the government.

There are also many private organizations who provide grants. These are almost always organizations that have a vested interest in the field of research they are offering the grant for, such as the Therapeutics Development Initiative 2010 which is research funding, through the Michael J. Fox Foundation, to support and stimulate research on treatments for Parkinson’s Disease at for-profit institutions.

Science magazine is a magazine published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This magazine contains a section dedicated purely to grant and other funding opportunities available in the field of science. The opportunities are also kept up to date and current, filtered in order of due date, and not restricted to the United States; rather, you can find funding for projects world wide. Though fellowship programs can be found for individuals, the actual grants are created for teams, most often those already working in a specific field or specific topic.

Applications for grants in the field of science must be filled out completely and with every required and applicable document attached. The granting organization must be satisfied that the research or work that is being done is a match to the guidelines of the grant, and the pressure is on the applicant in proving that match.

As the results of science, technology, research and development encompasses such a broad range, and as the results affect the global community, it is perhaps one of the fields in which grant opportunities are most readily available.

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