Radiology Technician Salary

Radiology tech salary information is only fueling awareness in job availability, and those in college nowadays are hard pressed to find a more stable career field than the healthcare industry. Record numbers of jobs are being posted regularly, as the population grows, so does the need for expanded medicinal specialists. Prospective technicians often cite an interest in healthcare as a whole, and the exploration of modern technology. This marriage makes the field ideal for the technologically savvy, and when you factor in a great pay rate, the interest peaks.

The average radiology tech salary ranges from $45-60,000 per year, granting many quite a nice living. When you consider how this compares to the average college graduate’s expected salary and combine it with the availability of job openings, it’s no wonder that many have decided that this path seems perfect. With a host of various avenues to gain the necessary education, radiology technicians can determine how quick they’d like to get to work, and continue their education to improve their earning power.

Certificates and degrees, associates and bachelors, are available and one can usually get work immediately upon completion. Most will find that hospitals will be their primary workplace, but doctor’s offices as well as diagnostic centers will also have a need for specialists in the field. When pursuing this career, there are several aspects to the job that are very important to the industry itself. Physicians will require x-rays of patients, and the technician then prepares the patient for the process.

There are some drawbacks to the position, which explains why radiology tech salary numbers are higher than expected. Technicians are often on their feet for hours on end, and must perform some physical duties such as helping patients into the x-ray positions and aiding in the removal of clothing or jewelry that may be unsafe for the process. Some record keeping is also involved, and with certain certifications throughout a career, an individual can increase their overall value.

Mammograms, CT scans, and a variety of other imaging tests will fall into the realm of a radiology technician. Completing a degree of any level in this field has proven quite valuable to many seeking a medical career that doesn’t involve eight years of schooling. By often starting in a hospital, and moving into private practices, radiology techs often develop skills that diversify their abilities. Learning on the job is an important aspect of any successful tech, and can greatly affect the radiology tech salary ceiling.

Technicians must get certified within their state of employment to work in the field. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) has certifications a tech can achieve that will greatly increase the interest of prospective employers. Maintaining this certification requires the completion of 24 additional educational hours bi-annually. This is designed to keep the technician up to date on currently technology and the quick-growth nature of the medical field.

The radiology tech salary has drawn thousands into the field, but these enrollment numbers shouldn’t discourage anyone considering this path. The market for this job-class is expected to grow much faster than the average, and with so many jobs available, the salary numbers will only continue to climb.

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