My Top Gadget of 2008 – Portable Micro SD Mini Projector!

I found myself reaching the half way point of the year and still not thinking ‘wow’ like I normally do. Usually some phone, gadget or piece of computer hardware Jumps out and makes me think ‘This is what made my Year’ I felt like I was missing that this time around till I saw This – a Mini SD Card Portable Projector!

Now to many people this would not seem that fantastic, but here I was holding an incredibly lightweight projector, with 2 hours of battery life (Via 4 AAs) in my hand! Not only that but since it uses Micro SD cards could literally carry hundreds of movies around with me without any trouble!

The Mini Micro SD portable projector is not really that pocket sized, but since it is very light weight and still ludicrously small it can fit easily into any bag. Once you decide that its time to sit down and watch it life really does become good.

The image is crisp and sharp and while the sound is pretty tinny it is quite loud and there are Audio outputs if you fancy plugging some portable speakers in!

It really is the connectors that make this, it has pretty much anything you want, allowing you to connect up any portable device, be it IPod or portable DVD player, to your projector for a big screen display (Around 1.5m square!

Since the mini projector does run on 4 AA batteries it would turn out to be quite costly if you were replacing them once every film, so It is pretty sensible to get some rechargeable batteries for this one!

I would heartily recommend the mini sd card projector to anyone looking for some way to enhance their portable Video Viewing, it comes in dirt cheap at $198 dollars and will last you good few years!

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