Latest Mobile Phones – The Wonderful Hand Held Devices

A mobile phone is a hand-held electronic device that is used for long range mobile communication. A mobile phone is also called a cellular phone or simply a cellphone. A cellular phone uses a network of specialised base stations called “Cell Sites” for the purpose of mobile communication. These cell sites are connected to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Most current mobiles (except satellite phones) use a cellular network of base stations.

Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of cellphones. Other leading manufacturers of cell phones include Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. Countries like the UK have more cell phone devices than their total population. China currently has more than five hundred million mobile phone users. About 85 percent of the world population has already been covered by cell phone networks. Africa has the largest growth rate of mobile subscribers in the world.

Due to advances in mobile technology, many new models of cheap latest mobile phones have been launched into the markets by manufacturers in recent times. These handsets come loaded with many user-friendly and innovative features. Most of the latest mobile phones come equipped with a video camera, a touch sensitive display and a web browser. Bluetooth support of these handsets has made it possible for one to transfer data to and from their handsets at a much faster rate with other compatible devices.

Some of the most popular models of the latest handsets include the Nokia E90 Communicator, Samsung X820 Ultra Edition, BlackBerry Curve 8300 and the Sony Ericsson Z250i. All of these handsets can also be acquired under attractive mobile phone offers that are announced by the retailers in the UK from time to time. Most of the retailers are offering these handsets with lucrative free gifts like laptops and the Nintendo Wii gaming console. Mobile phone manufactures have also released many new models of cheap mobile phones. These cheap latest mobile phones are fast gaining popularity among the masses around the world.

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