Is it Possible to Fax Via Computer Without a Fax Machine?

Wondering if it is possible to fax via computer without a fax machine? The quick answer is Yes! Thanks to recent technology you no longer need a fax machine to send a fax because you can send and receive faxes via computer. Faxing from your computer provides you with a faster, more reliable and affordable faxing solution that comes with many features and benefits that you can only get by faxing online.

Faxing from your PC is possible thanks to internet fax services. These services provide you with an online account that manages your incoming and outgoing faxes online on an easy-to-use dashboard. Online faxing is very similar to email and the basic functions are relatively the same. A great feature that online fax services also offer is integration with Windows Applications such as Outlook and with web mail such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. This means that you can fax right from your preferred email interface.

Why is faxing via the internet a better choice than using a fax machine? To start, a fax machine alone costs several hundred to buy, setting it up is another ordeal and many times you need to get an extra phone line for your own fax number. Recent studies show that a fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine, and if you turn off the machine you can’t receive faxes so you risk missing an important fax!

With internet faxing you only pay a low monthly fee and you don’t have to worry about getting an unexpected charge because you control your account on every level. You save money on ink and paper supplies because faxes are received online and you decide whether it needs to be printed out or not.

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