Gadgets Are Not Green

I never considered myself a gadget person but my family point out that I am – I have a SLR camera, an iPhone, several computers and a SatNav system. It doesn’t seem that much to me, but my wife is a technophobe. Other people appear to have more than that but, hey, my family call me gadgety so I guess I am.

I am also “green” – I like to think I recycle and reuse stuff when I can. I know I could be better. Much better. But – I never consider “green” when buying gadgets.

I don’t know if it is good news or bad but it seems that I am in the majority as it appears that 60{00d49d11e69c107fd0547ad1426c94743daa91813c9cad4d9ea0d389f8c38222} of people that buy gadgets are not green either. The lure of the gadget outshines the need to save the environment. But people DO realize that there is a green issues – 60{00d49d11e69c107fd0547ad1426c94743daa91813c9cad4d9ea0d389f8c38222} apparently. So what’s stopping green and gadget happening simultaneously?

Well, it seems that there is not enough information being given to gadget consumers about how green the gadget might be or what the company is doing to help the environment. My washing machine and dryer tell me what impact they might have on the environment but my phone and camera do not do the self same thing. How irresponsible of them.

The gadget companies have an opportunity to change things. This might include how the gadget is low emission or how raw materials are sourced from less damaging environments. It must make sense to start the process.

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