Canon Rebel T3i – A Camera With Advanced Technology

A new camera from Canon was released on February 2011: The Canon Rebel T3i (EOS 600D). The Rebel T3i is a Digital SLR camera that takes high-quality images. This camera uses more advanced technology than its predecessors so that you can capture images in a more creative way. Yet, The Rebel T3i offers ease-of-use to help photographers capture images more conveniently.

The resolution offered by this camera is 18 Megapixel with CMOS sensor. This APS-C sensor is able to reduce noise in every image that you capture. Canon’s CMOS sensor is able to conserve battery life. Compared to other brands, Canon cameras have longer battery life so you can capture images for hours on end. The Rebel T3i is also equipped with a DIGIC 4 image processor that is used to process that images that you have captured. This processor helps improve the colors and the white balance of your images.

If you love taking pictures of fast-moving objects, this camera is capable of taking high-speed shots at 3.7 fps. The central AF sensor of this product allows you to get more accurate focus and the iFCL metering system enables you to capture clear images even in a poor lighting condition.

For beginners, this user-friendly camera would be an ideal choice. The Scene Intelligent Auto mode, a feature that is only available on the Rebel T3i, enables you to capture images easily without you having to adjust the scenes yourself. Another feature that you will love is the Basic+. With this menu, you can add creativity to your pictures. Basic+ enables you to choose the right mood for every shot such as cool, intense, or warm.

The Rebel T3i also comes with a Vari-Angle Clear View LCD screen. This 7.7 cm LCD screen helps you view your captured images perfectly and allows you to take pictures from various angles. Thus, you can produce shots from unusual angles and it helps you view your objects clearly when you attach the camera to a tripod.

Canon Rebel T3i also offers full HD (1080p) movie mode to help you record videos of special moments in your life. With the Video Snapshot features, you can capture some videos clips with different lengths. Then, you can combine those clips into a Video Snapshot Album and get a wonderful movie sequence. To make it more dramatic, you can add soundtrack to the video. You can also view the result on the LCD screen.

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