BMW 760Li – Technology and Comfort

The BMW 760Li is a mix of technology and comfort. BMW has made the 7 Series one of the most technologically advanced vehicles available to consumers. Along with all of the gadgets, BMW has also provided the 760Li with an engine that was designed to provide the driver with enough power to cruise through the city and fly when out in the open. BMW has installed a powerful twin-turbo V12 engine full of advanced technology. This powerhouse of an engine ipropels the 760Li from 0-60 in an astonishing 4.6 seconds where it tops out at a predetermined 155mph.

BMW has not made any drastic changes to the appearance of the 7 Series, except adding an extra-wide chrome frame around the front grill and placing a V12 logo on the side. They have also added chrome rain channels to the roof of the 760Li. The 760Li has a longer wheelbase than others in the 7 Series which provides a roomier interior that will make everyone more comfortable. BMW has also enhanced the interior by using alcantara head lining and burr walnut inlays which help create a luxurious atmosphere. The interior also includes heated adjustable seats with option of adding an air conditioning system to the seats. The entertainment system includes a multimedia system with a navigation system. BMW also offers an electric sun blind to protect passengers sitting in the rear from the sun.

BMW has also installed some standard safety features that include the Lane Departure Warning system that will alert the driver if they are veering into the other lane of traffic by monitoring road markings. The 760Li warning system can read posted road signs and warn the driver if they are in danger of going over the posted speed limits. There is also the option of adding a night vision system that can detect any person or animal that may have entered the path of the 760Li and warn the driver accordingly. If that is not enough, BMW also offers a front side view camera system that uses cameras located on the nose of the car to enhance the view at intersections for the driver.

With everything that the 760Li has to offer you might think that it is not as efficient as other models, but the 760Li averages 22mpg and emits 303g/km of emissions which is actually quite impressive for a car of this magnitude.

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